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SubhanAllah, kau kuatkanlah hati ini daripada terus mengingati si dia :'(

Aug 26, 2011

Meet Hana Fedora bt. Aziz

Arrrrrrrrrrgggggghh ! Im so excited bout yesterday and today. Oh god, thanks fr all :') Guess what? I already met with Hana Fedora, my lovely pretty idol ! Say yeay fr me ! YEAY !!! okay okay sebenarnya tak jumpa pun. HIHIHI itu hanyalah pembukaan majlis semata-mata. But i've been met with her clon. But i feel like I am with the real Hana Fedora :')  Ohmygod, how much I love her. Actually, aku dah lama nampak dia. Tp just tak dpt detect muka dia sama mcm sape.

But one day, i brought all pictures of Hanafedora at my sch. bcause I want to present my oral test about her. after tht i put the pictures on my table. Membe membe aku semua usha gmbar tu. Then someone told me tht ada sorang budak tu muka dia mcm Hanafedora. I said '' REALLY?'' then she said Yes. I tried to find who is she. And when I found her I feel like want to faint fr awhile -.- Sama nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! :') cuba tengok gambar ni :

click this picture fr the larger image :)

sama tak? sama tak? sama kan kan kan? she was so beautiful, naturally. I loike her, I love her, I want to be her SO MUCH :> perbezaan diorang just pipi and teeth. Hanna Fedora pipi dia naik sikit #LAWA. Fatin Nadhrah , dia tembam sikit #COMEL and Fatin Nadhrah ada gigi rabbit #comel gila (!) Briefly speaking, diorang mmg serupa and dua dua COMEL + LAWA sgtsgt :') im so glad fr this. Oh my god, im really thank to you :> btw, Fatin Nadhrah thanks fr yr letter. I LOVE IT! inside the letter is so cute 


♥ Thank you fer reading. Nothing much kan? I know hihi ♥